The Pain Game (On Hold)

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Lola Sparks By xlolaxsparksx Updated 3 years ago
What would you do if you walk in on your boyfriend with your suppose to be best friend?
    What would you do if your parents are divorcing and using you as an object?
    What would you do if you woke up one morning and find that your family have just upped and moved?
    What would you do if you are the most richest kid in town yet so undesirable and unwanted?
    When Steph walks in on her boyfriend and finds him all over her best friend Jen she freaks out and runs as fast as she can, it's not until after she falls that she discovers that she is not the only one suffering from the pain game...
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.......that's interesting :O 
                                    MORE MORE MORRREEE :)