[complexion] ⇒ [devin gordon] [✓]

[complexion] ⇒ [devin gordon] [✓]

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the natural color, texture, and appearance of a person's skin, especially of the face.

or where a boy named devin wants a girl named ariella to love the skin shes in.

@ gizzylelee | 2016

Wildxfire__ Wildxfire__ Jun 23
being chocolate is cute , I'm mad light that I could pass off as white 😂 but I'm black
flxwerjay flxwerjay Mar 03, 2016
everything she's saying abt her skin is literally what I think everyday omg I hate being darkskin
FxckingLani FxckingLani Feb 08, 2016
This is great! Like there's not many stories like this. I used to hate my skin color when I was younger, always thinking the brighter the better. Please continue I love this😩💗
SushiAndBubbleTea SushiAndBubbleTea Jul 14, 2016
There's Nothing Wrong With Being Darkskin Tho🤔Shoot Look At These Darkskin Boys🙌🏽💯❤️And Te Darkskin Girls I See Are SOOOOOOOO FREAKIN Pretty😩💜They Make Me Wish I Was Darkskin😭I'm Brownskin Tho
gizzynelle gizzynelle Feb 08, 2016
Bc I felt this way about my skin too, I wanted to be white when I was younger 😳
SushiAndBubbleTea SushiAndBubbleTea Jul 14, 2016
My Mama Don't She Tell Me The Truth Wether I Like It Or Not😒She Never Tell Me What I Wanna Here