The Blind, The Good and The Ugly

The Blind, The Good and The Ugly

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Neoqueensandy By Neoqueensandy Updated Apr 20, 2017

Matt Murdock is blind.
Peter Benjamin Parker is good.
Wade Winston Wilson is ugly.

Matt, Peter and Wade have nothing in common. Yet three of them are orphans adopted by Lex Luther of all people. Luther manage to hide his kids from the world and even from Batman. But his secret is out. Luther goes missing and the Justice League began to investigate his sons to find him.

Matt, Peter and Wade may seem normal but they are far from it.

I do not known Marvel or DC characters.

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I love people. I’m sure most of these are jokes but pregnant has two meanings.
SuperDorkyCrazyLady SuperDorkyCrazyLady Aug 29, 2017
Matt's a bit mature for a 30 year old (he's around 30 right? I'm bad with ages) he's always like some wise old man
For anyone who might not know, pregnant can also mean full of meaning or significant.
SuicidalPandaKing SuicidalPandaKing Jun 28, 2017
I thought wade wilson was Death Stroke and The Blind guy was Dead pool
I was watching a video by AmazingPhil and his shirt said Sunnydale High I thought of this immediately