The Martinez Brothers

The Martinez Brothers

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☼ Kimmy Herz ☾ By XthatONEchicX Updated Jul 05

"No hard feelings." I say, smiling through a blurry vision. 

His face softens for a moment but then he clenches his jaw, a muscle jumping. "Good." 

I look over at his brothers and see that they, too, changed their face expression, as well as their posture. 

Then, I turn to see the man smirking at me in the doorway. 

"I gotta go." I tell no one in particular, walking past all of them and exiting the house. 

* * * 

Starlet Valentine has been living with two abusing guys on her own for three years. She has tried to run away, but they always caught her and her punishments would be even worse. So, she just gave up. 

The Martinez Brothers hate abuse towards women, almost as much as they hate their father. So, when Adam witnesses Starlet's stepbrother kicking her over and over, he can't help but step in and give him a taste of his own medicine. 

She watches from her position on the ground before she passes out, waking up in an unknown room in which she later finds out is Adam's room. 

* * *

©2016, Kimmy Herz.

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Wait is Adam Francisco or Dean (from supernatural, I don't know his real name and I'm too lazy to look it up, but Francisco isn't from supernatural, obviously, but I don't know his full name I just know it's Francisco La(something) )
saf__s101 saf__s101 Aug 05
Ya man so triggering... that was beautiful but it kinda messed my brain up
The trailer is so good!!! It literary made me slip a tear and a smile😢😀
I thought this would be Martinez Twins fanfic.
                              But it's ok😁
Martinez twins 
                              I actually thought this would be a fanfic but no 😅😅