the mutants ↠ dance moms

the mutants ↠ dance moms

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| COMPLETED - Book I of The Heroic Series |

Superheroes; they're something out of a book. They're envied- who wouldn't want to have unique magical abilities? Saving the day when the world needs their help seems like a real-life fantasy. 
There are seven people with these powers: The Shape-Shifter, The Healer, The Superhuman, The Atmokinetic, The Supersonic, The Invisible, and The Telekinetic. They are the world's first generation of Mutants.

| DM AU - Dance Moms x Marvel |

(Disclaimer: Based off of characters created by Marvel Comics.)

myelites myelites Mar 12
awww i feel bad for kendall; she's my fave rn. wtg mac i would have shipped it (what's new? I ship everything).
quartz_andromeda quartz_andromeda Apr 19, 2016
I like superheroes and mutants, (considering I'm writing a mutant story) but this is super good!
quartz_andromeda quartz_andromeda Apr 19, 2016
Like I said! I really like this! It's sometimes hard to find good books on wattpad and this is one of those good books!
staidstreet staidstreet Mar 28, 2016
I love this so far! I just realized Kenzie's power is to bring things back to life!
loloash loloash Feb 09, 2016
I think the next chapter should be about maddie! And I love this!
zieglr zieglr Aug 24, 2016
Just wanted to say this cover is freaking gorgeous & TBIS is AMAZINV