My Immortal Boyfriend(CHANBAEK) [[Hiatus]]

My Immortal Boyfriend(CHANBAEK) [[Hiatus]]

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||❤chanbaek❤|| By Lay-Unicorn Updated Mar 13


You would think life would be fun being a vampire like Park Chanyeol, but no he think its boring until Byun Baekhyun came along and changed his whole meaning of loving forever.

Byun Baekhyun is very popular at school but thought life was a waste of time, that is when he found out Park Chanyeol and his secret.
 Both two different beings, with a unlike similar world and life, will they do anything to be together? Will they go through bad and good and even children to be together forever?

Why is everyone saying it's Baekhyun? I think it's just a sign that he loves Block B....
                              I'm being sarcastic by the way.....
AngstxChild AngstxChild Mar 09
SON ITS BAEKIEBOO now go find out where your boy is and meet him
Why won't baek pop up in the picture either I know chanyeol is a vampire but isn't baek human ?
Baekyeolies Baekyeolies Aug 29, 2016
Bacon, your true love is the delicious bacon. Now all you have to do is find out which bacon I'm talking about.