Secrets, Lies and Broken Wives • Rick Grimes✔️

Secrets, Lies and Broken Wives • Rick Grimes✔️

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Rick finds out that Lori has been cheating on him but refuses to tell him who with. Rick is supported by his friend and best friends wife, Gabriela Walsh. What will happen when the pair find out that Shane was the one Lori was cheating on Rick with? 

AU, no ZA. 

Most characters will eventually be included.

This is my second time reading this bc it's so good and I forgot to vote
Why did i think of Marzia when Gabriela first spoke -_- Now i can't stop thinking of Marzia!!!
Rick. Eat a snickers. You get a little British when you're angry. 🍫
I like that, that's a nice line. And so true! I might quote that...