Crystal Clear- The Sequel

Crystal Clear- The Sequel

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yvy1996 By yvy1996 Updated Jun 04, 2014

Sequel to "Element Princess,me? You're kidding right?"

April was trapped in darkness without anyone to guide her. What had happened to her and the rest of her army? Had the Reaper collected his share on souls? It was hopeless to figure it all out. April was trapped.

Thankfully the light guided her and she wakes up in a hospital without Jake. Her parents don't know him; they say he isn't real. April begins to question if her journey was only a dream. Even though it was unlikely to have such vivid imagination, the facts made her question everything.

Across her journey to discover herself, the truth, and other secrets, she becomes independent. Overall, she faces a lot of conflicts once again. When the end is near, she learns of a new enemy. Someone who would be her greatest challenge yet.

  • april
  • conflict
  • element
  • hecate
  • jake
  • love
  • powers
  • princess
  • water
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                              I WANT TO BE LIKE THAT
GothicLolita22 GothicLolita22 Jul 18, 2015
this is so awesome i cant believe it !!!!!!!! i'm going to make this history!!!!!!!!!
miral_b miral_b Aug 22, 2012
um what happened now its her that remember's everything and not everybody else creepy but creative
TanyaDiva TanyaDiva Apr 18, 2011
woah!!! i liiked jake & josh wth is happening??? i'm gonna keep reading
SharleneEddy SharleneEddy Dec 30, 2010
Please keep going pritty please with ice cream and mnms n sprinkles on top!!!!!!!
yvy1996 yvy1996 Dec 29, 2010
well i will upload as soon as possible. Maybe even today :)...