Living Free (A Naruto Fanfic)

Living Free (A Naruto Fanfic)

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should i tell ya?? ..naa(; By Dream_Catcher32 Updated Dec 30, 2015

"You are nothing but a weak child. A weapon at my disposal. You are able to breathe because I have allowed it. You are alive because I haven't allowed your death. I tell you to jump, you ask how high. I tell you to fight, to kill, you do it. You are my weapon, a tool for me to use and control, nothing more. Do you understand? Or do you need me to show you?"

Join Shirudo Koken'nin on her journey to freedom- in a world that is not completely different from the type of life she had lived in. Will she become someone else's tool? A weapon controlled by another? Or will she take control of her life and fight for what she believes in and for the people that she later sees as her family? 

yea i know sucky summary but please give it a chance, it's my first story(:

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I was thinking this person might actually be me, but when I saw the animal part , i flunked.
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fuckthisfuckyoutoo fuckthisfuckyoutoo Apr 08, 2016
Holy sh*t I am almost exactly like her except the appearance, I have like 5 little scars and one biggish one on my back from my dad, also my hair is dark brown and my eyes are a reddish brown . But that's so cool its almost like it were to be me in the story! 😄
cool_uzumaki55 cool_uzumaki55 Oct 14, 2016
We say jump you say how high put your hands to the sky mlp equestrian girls I have 4 little sisters who love mlp