LadyNoir/ Adrienette smut

LadyNoir/ Adrienette smut

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Harrystyles2010candy By Harrystyles2010candy Updated Jun 12

This story is lots of things. But three words describe it all; 

It's just sex. 

Lots of smut scenes and is for all you shippers who like this type of writing. 

Lots of smut.

I mean,he raped her and saw how pretty she was
                              REALLY NIGGA?
Jes1905 Jes1905 Sep 18
..........👏 well at least we know there wont be anyone named adrian jr.......
Let's see,u technically just RAPED ME......
                              5'o clock
*Creepy fangirl giggle* That title tho... :3 *Grabs tea and chocolate* Let us continue... *Continues giggling* >:3
Things that you have to think about :
                              If you replace the word daddy with Moose or Boobie it makes it freaking hilarious
They were studying then all of a sudden, they started making out and then they sexed? I like your style author!