When i planned my future out, I never expected this!

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Chelsea - Nora By slightlynora1569 Completed
Glenda has been destined to marry a vampire named Sontos since birth but this fact is unknown to her till a few weeks before her 18th birthday.  she must either do as she is told & marry him or devise a plan to escape her fate. 
    But the more she's around him she relizes thiers somthing different about him. And  now strange things are start happening to her.... and she can't help but wonder "what have i become?"  She's in love with Sontos, but she will never let him know that or will she?
     Her bestfriend is a Witch,  and she in love with a vampire.... and now what has she become? is she also a super natural? or is she something else? something beyond human? something beyond the normal super naturals?
    And now the unthinkable has happened and she can't help but think of all the What if's or the maybe if i's
Nope now I imagine him as Derek hale even thought Derek has hazel green eyes
i now start reading it but so far good.hope the rest is better,but i like it