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I'm Not That Girl

I'm Not That Girl

224K Reads 5K Votes 26 Part Story
c h e r By sophieanna Completed

What happens when someone you once knew returns to your life? Do things go back to the way they were? Are emotions involved? Do people get hurt? Those were the questions going through Elle Paterson's mind when Nick Ross reentered her life. 
Elle was what one would refer to as the "nerd," when classifying different social standings in high school. She didn't think the same way as everyone around her, and because of that, the kids at her school didn't really understand her. All she saw at school were the snobby girls she couldn't wait to get away from. She was hanging on by a thread, and then, when she least expected it, Nick Ross was there to catch her. It's an odd romance, with twists and turns, the occasional best friend debacle, hint of jealousy, and rich airhead to screw things up. High school has always been a challenge, but who knew a private school could really have this much drama?

SimoneChesney SimoneChesney Mar 24, 2016
Does anybody else try to get the cheapest thing on the menu when you go out to eat so that your mom doesn't have to pay much? Cause I always do that
Tales_of_Tori Tales_of_Tori Jul 15, 2016
Okay now that isn't right. Just because art isn't like physics and chemistry or isn't offered in the science department does not make it fake! That's like calling smart people nerds! Soo unrealistic to say the least
Finding_Pluto Finding_Pluto Oct 13, 2014
My sisters name is Gina. This is so ironic because those are the exact same thoughts that I have towards her
nailpolishabc nailpolishabc Jun 20, 2013
I  can't BELIVE that I just started reading this book! It's an AMAZING and AWSOME BOOK:)
sophieanna sophieanna Jun 11, 2013
@SilentLament Haha, it's totally fine, and I'm glad that I stuck with writing, too :)
SilentLament SilentLament Jun 10, 2013
Man, I didn't even realise most of the comments were from a year ago. *facepalm* I saw the book under Wattpad suggestions or something, so I assumed it was newer.
                              Ah, I'm glad you stuck with writing, though.(: