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Sealed Away (Fem!Naruto)

Sealed Away (Fem!Naruto)

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♕ ᎡᎬᎠ ♕ By Redb4Black Updated Oct 16, 2016

Naruko has been hiding behind a mask all her life. The villagers hate her because of her having a Bijuu. But that's not all that sealed inside of her - try having the Most powerful Bijuu with the founders of Konoha, A Mafia Boss, a shinigami, a hot-headed dragon slayer and a white haired exorcist sealed inside of you... Well Naruko's got a dammed life ahead of her.

I saw the names of the new tenants and fangirled for a solid two minutes.
Oh uh Kon'nichiwa Baymax~San, what are you doing here? Oh also you look very nice, wait I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Thunder~San! Nice to meet you Hajimemashite!
                              Kon'nichiwa-Hello, Hello There, Good Afternoon
                              Hajimemashite- Nice To Meet You!
Mizuha-chan Mizuha-chan Oct 12, 2016
well I wouldn't put bast verde and the vongola techs to put their heads together to find a way to get tsuna back since id imagine that gokudera and reborn could provide more than enough motivation to such ends esp if mukuro got involved too *snickers*
AysaWolf AysaWolf Jan 25
Is it sad that before even reading the story...... I can recognize who those in the summary are? God I'm an anime freak
Sunnydg Sunnydg Jan 20
Whom is the one with the white hair and the other one with orange eyes? What anime are the from?
GeekyGurl4Life GeekyGurl4Life Nov 22, 2016
Awww~ port Luffy and Eren~ They're both left out ~~ 😂😂😂😂