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Hero | i.c.k.

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"You're from Serin High? That all-girls school?"
"Man, this going to be hard tho, we only left-"
"-Takuto High, all-boys school."

That was when I've got to change my name from Lee Yesung to-

"Annyeong, my name is Lee Yejun."

All the boys looked at me. This is so damn hard to adapt.


MONSTA X in da hauz yaw! stay tuned for updates! 

10.2.2016 ~ 04.05.2016


My mom forced me to go outside for an hour without my phone. That's the longest I've ever been in actual sunlight.
taetor taetor Aug 06
Can I get large? Small size clothes tend to show my fats,  ya know what I'm saying ?
taetor taetor Aug 06
I wanna hug you and protect you from those bitches already my poor baby
taetor taetor Aug 05
"life" 😂 which school? I wanna know what is life pls explain it to me
taetor taetor Aug 06
Let's chop that hair and cover your boobs with chest binders and tada you automatically look like a boy. #kdramalogic
taetor taetor Aug 06
I CAN BE YOUR HERO *bow chika chika chika chika bow chika chika chika chika*