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Hero | i.c.k.

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"You're from Serin High? That all-girls school?"
"Man, this going to be hard tho, we only left-"
"-Takuto High, all-boys school."

That was when I've got to change my name from Lee Yesung to-

"Annyeong, my name is Lee Yejun."

All the boys looked at me. This is so damn hard to adapt.


MONSTA X in da hauz yaw! stay tuned for updates! 

10.2.2016 ~ 04.05.2016


-minatozaki -minatozaki 3 days ago
I'm imagining I.M saying this while doing the same thing at the GIF 😂
-minatozaki -minatozaki 3 days ago
They say don't talk to strangers but if its Monsta x...that's a different situation
-minatozaki -minatozaki 3 days ago
Yep. You're my hero
                              *suddenly plays Hero at the background*
hobitheponi hobitheponi Nov 01, 2016
                              Me: *pokes his nipples* where them boobs boobd
-minatozaki -minatozaki 3 days ago
BOI WHY YOU— nvm. mine isn't that big either so...yea 😂
Seoxjin Seoxjin Dec 19, 2016
Why can I imagine her just going around and seeing everyone except I.M and going "I.M?" And everyone's like "No.."... Glad it turned out this way instead xD