Bumping Into You ||  Kim Taehyung [#Wattys2016]

Bumping Into You || Kim Taehyung [#Wattys2016]

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This story is cliché like all other books. 
Or is it? 
Read to find out.


Park Ji Hyun's life has been turned upside down when she met an alien on her first day of school. Her dreams of graduating peacefully has been crashed as that 'guy' came rolling into her life. 

Ugh, life.

However, she discovers many things. Things that no one can afford no one can replace and no one can take away. This is why the story is called bumping into you, that bump on the first day is the start of everything...


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aesTAEthic_aliens aesTAEthic_aliens Jul 19, 2017
It's ok gurl. ....we get used to it :)))) 
                              *sees couples everywhere*
                              NOT COOL !!!!!!!
Hyejin_Haneul Hyejin_Haneul May 26, 2017
My Parents are very Strict when it comes to Boys, even Gays 😔 Aish! I hate my life!
IdiotJinStan IdiotJinStan Jul 10, 2017
*sings single ladies*
                              *looks at my friend with her boyfriend* 
                              I hate you.
icelemontae icelemontae Jun 28, 2016
Isn't park ji hyun is the name of jimin's real life brother???
TinyGamePlay TinyGamePlay Nov 20, 2016
Please irl please I'll please please please
Dragoncrisis1234 Dragoncrisis1234 Jan 11, 2017
That's my whole life in three words except that I'm currently in middle school