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Loveology| Completed ✔ [EDITING]

Loveology| Completed ✔ [EDITING]

27.8K Reads 1.3K Votes 24 Part Story
Ghost By SidsDramaQueen Completed

School's bad boy, drool worthy, every girls dream, has no faith in love, Greek god, one hell of a friend and his biggest nightmare? Passing Biology!

Nerd,shy, has no friends, has been crushing on Kabir since junior year, topper in biology.

They meet for a reason and promise to help each other with their problems. Well Kabir asks Naina's help in passing biology and in return she asks him to teach her how to dance, well obviously for the heck of it. Will they end up falling for each other? Of course they will, but let me remind you - 'life is not a fairytale'

#40 in teen fiction on 16/10/16
#45 in teen fiction on 19/10/16
#2 on what's hot list (Sidharth Malhotra) on 21/02/17 
Sidharth Malhotra - Kabir
Alia Bhatt- Naina
Cover made by me, background credit goes to the designer.

Sid_MeriJaan Sid_MeriJaan Jul 13, 2016
Uh.. Why do I feel that I have heard this line somewhere before? :-D
SidsDramaQueen SidsDramaQueen Feb 21, 2016
He's a bad ass...meaning he's the bad boy na..but there will be twists in the story
Mom was in the kitchen playing soccer. Dude what do you do in the kitchen duh?
In my case. Even a shower doesn't help. I am as lazy as a snail
SidsDramaQueen SidsDramaQueen Feb 21, 2016
Me too..Thanks for adding the book...I promise to keep you updated...😊
Lol. Biology is sucking for me rn. I hope it gets better till finals. Rn I am in Kabir's shoes.