You Are Just A Bet

You Are Just A Bet

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"Reyansh I don't love you. I like Arnav and I will be with him from now on so I am rejecting you." I said harshly.

"But...No...This is not true. You are joking right! I love you and you love me too. I could say the way you behaved with me. The way you looked at me. You said that if I get change then you will be with me."

He said with the tone of hope and confusion mix together. Hurt and pain flashed in his eyes clearly and in his voice too which actually cut my heart. But I didn't budge. I knew I have to do this because I wanted to end this as it was driving me crazy.

"That was just a bet. You are just a bet." I admitted finally 
A/N : - Previously this story named as 'Stupid Bet' which I had deleted bcz it had so many Grammatical and Spelling mistake and many other flaws...I thought about editing it but I found rewriting this story wud b more easy for me as it required many changes..So I kept the same story plot but made other changes like name of character, places and other small events with less mistakes of spelling and grammar...So i hope u vl like this newer version of story as I try to make it more better and interesting with some required changes... : )

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