Sugar Baby | baekyeon 18+

Sugar Baby | baekyeon 18+

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iluvmypinksweater By aileetrash- Updated Jan 17

»Sugar Baby»

Taeyeon's life was just a regular Kpop idol one with tight schedules, rehearsals and fan service clubs. But after the well known and most loved EXO member, Byun Baekhyun, comes along into her life with one sentence she never expected to hear before, just the way her heart began beating rapildy against her ribcage, instantly told her that this would be one hell of a rollercoaster. 

"Will you be my sugar baby?" 


Started: February 6th 2016

Finished: [xxx]

Cover made by me.

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Oooohhhh myyyyyyyyyy gooooooddddd
                              I'M EXCITED 😂
Thank thank u for writing and still supporting BaekYeon love ur story awesome im a big fan of yours hope keep writing BaekYeons
KJC_Pop KJC_Pop Nov 15, 2016
Haha I loved cute baekkie...but after seeing him in monster, and ripping his shirt showing his abs during his solo dance...I completely fell for sexy dominant baekhyun. Aghhh...fanning myself just thinking about that show...lmao!
xXtrashbinXx xXtrashbinXx Dec 09, 2016
Is eyes are so beautiful in that picture....
                              Just like he is...😝😍
i prefer both. he killed me when he danced artificial love. why die when ur dead already lmfao. satansoo is here.
ιғ only ιммaтυre ғanѕ dιdn'т rυιn ιт 😭😭