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nerd | yoonmin

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"you're not that bad."

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lower case intended.


SparkleQuack SparkleQuack 3 days ago
Oml yoongi..
                              Did u just say u don't got no swaeg?
                              Jimin got no jams
                              Yoongi got no swaeg
                              Ur made for each other
unichimchim unichimchim 3 days ago
when someone says "why do you love bts? they dont even know you exist"
Circle_of_Dreams Circle_of_Dreams 2 days ago
This sound like it's taken from a 90s school video where they teach you not to pick a fight with anyone lmao
unichimchim unichimchim 3 days ago
omg I just remembered all the times i made lame jokes * covers face from embarassment *
myg-jjk myg-jjk 4 days ago
I own a backpack that's full of school stuffs
                              I always carry a book
                              I have braces
                              I study in a science class
                              I'm an introvert
                              oh boi.