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nerd | yoonmin

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❝you're not that bad❞

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[ 2016 ]

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AliVanderhorst AliVanderhorst 12 hours ago
Same but sometimes I blow up and yell and be a bitch to people Lol but other than that i am a nice person
Fangirlmishap Fangirlmishap 6 days ago
Why the hell was this me in fourth grade three years ago? ;-; oh boy did I try to make people smile
Fangirlmishap Fangirlmishap 6 days ago
I once had my homeroom class be at the VERY end of the hall which was also the VERY alst hall in the school and then next period I had a class at the other side of the school haha it was not fun
youngscribbler03 youngscribbler03 5 days ago
wow he doesn’t have to try to be cute, you on the other hand need to cake your face with makeup to be slightly acceptable
Mojitato Mojitato 5 days ago
Oh beoch when Yoongi smilss milions of people die but yeah he isn't cute AT ALL. SUUUUUURE.. ^-^
Fangirlmishap Fangirlmishap 6 days ago
In one point in my life iwas 'cool' for like a week bc of the people I hung out with. Not gonna lie it was horrible and exhausting