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Little miss Serena's story isn't about a desperate girl chasing her prince charming, An ambitious girl craving for success or a witty smartass trying to deal with the school's queen brat.
Sort of, all of the above.

 But the only part of her to-do list that actually bothers her is the fact that she is juggling her life being the only heiress of a billionaire for a month and the daughter of a poor cafe owning lady for another month.

What happens when this girl, homeschooled for her whole life, goes to highschool?

What happens when the her secrets are revealed to the mischievous & drool worthy School's heartthrob, And her former crush, Ash?

Serena gets involved in playful blackmailing by Ash and ends up 'acting' as his girlfriend in exchange for keeping her secret.

It all just gets more worrisome from there.

© [Previously known as 'Until She Came In']

Oh My Gosh!! This is so good ^_^ You are awesome girl ;)  I love everything about this fanfic ^_^
Pokelol123 Pokelol123 Sep 26
Isnt it irony the fact that book cover says worrisome with a picture of happy serena?:/
This_Is_Zeo This_Is_Zeo Feb 07
Holy Fudge! I really love the start ^_^ Keep up the good work ;)
Amazing chapter! Keep up the good work, this is a really cute idea ;)
TWO FRIGGIN PENNIES? GAWD. Thats expensive 2 pennies I could get...idk?
                              5 cents for a water :3
Look at all the d-* looks down to see a Pokemon face* hahahahahahaha😂 *dies, then comes back to life* my ships are not cannon, I will not die!