Gravity Rises (S1)

Gravity Rises (S1)

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Things That Were Not on Mabel Pines' Bucket List:
  1) Getting shipped up to Gravity Rises for the winter with her hyperactive twin brother
  2) Working for a grumpy, poly-dactylic Great Uncle 
  3) Finding an old journal hidden in the forest (that six-fingered hand on the front is suspiciously familiar)
  4) Being attacked by a psychotic showgirl
  5) Discovering magical creatures
  6) Fighting a dream demon in someone's mind
  7) Whatever the heck is going on with that Northwest kid (totally-not-cute jerk)
Well, this should make for an interesting winter.


(Gravity Rises: Gravity Falls Alternate Universe where characters switch roles and personalities. Mabel is Pine Tree, Dipper is Shooting Star, Pacifica is the creepy psychic child, Gideon is the Northwest, Ford is the Grunkle they go and stay with, etc. Other characters will be explained as the story progresses.)

///When commenting on this story, please do not swear or take the Lord's name in vain///

I DID NOT CREATE THE GRAVITY RISES AU. Sorophora did. I have, however, spent a lot of time on this, made minor changes to the AU, and created my own plot based off canon Gravity Falls, so the story is mine. (*seagull voice* Mine! Mine! Mine!) Likewise, I made the cover by myself, but I used art by Sorophora.

~~~2016 Gravity Falls Watty WINNER~~~

~~~Highest Rank: #377 in Fanfiction~~~

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billciper billciper Mar 17, 2017
wow look like pine tree and shooting star had bend reverse this is weird and i like it
xBlueberrycakex xBlueberrycakex Sep 21, 2017
Is sorophoras blog/account deleted? Because I can't find her anymore. :(
Mythtail101 Mythtail101 Jan 11
leovaldezismylife leovaldezismylife 4 days ago
YAS is this the actual story or just what the episodes would be named?
Reylo_Shipper_103 Reylo_Shipper_103 Mar 29, 2017
This basically describes my cousin and I. We are both troublemakers XD
littlepixelpup littlepixelpup Aug 12, 2017
OHH, so this is like reverse falls but less reverse. I love it!