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Sector-33 | ✓

Sector-33 | ✓

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— holmes By stardust24601 Completed

Highest ranking: #26 in Science Fiction ; 
          Felix wants to be a Guardian. A boy with a strange brain and a stranger heart, he has one week to prove himself worthy of protecting those he loves from the creatures that roam around Sector-33, all the while battling the demons inside his head and the confusion of his heart.
          Dear ____ ,
          My therapist told me to start writing these letters. I don't understand the point of them, when I'm never going to put a stamp on them or write an address on them and send them off. And you're never going to read this, anyways.
          My life's just changed. And it's not because I've figured out that I'm gay. It's not even because my parents divorced and my Dad moved out. It's not because Sara got accepted into Uni.
          Tomorrow, I might never come back home. And even if my mission partner is the hottest guy in the world, I might not come back home.
          I don't want to die.
          I think my goldfish is judging me as I write this. He's always judging me.
          This is my novella entry for the #BadassesMeetLGBT contest. Please vote if you liked it!
          all graphics made by me
          total word count: 7,125 words

Alicehaibara Alicehaibara May 09, 2016
Wow another briliant story from u and its already ended \yay/ i really like how Felix telling the story, how u make that epic first sentence that really hooked me up, and everything was just so ughhh ><
iggzi_ iggzi_ Dec 29, 2016
Can someone tell me why 'mission' has a capital, is it important?
ZenanBear ZenanBear Nov 22, 2016
So I wanted to go to sleep but then I wasn't going to read the book but then the fish distracted me and now! I was about to go to sleep but the fish is distracting me again
ReadingRunner_X ReadingRunner_X Feb 09, 2016
How old exactly is Felix? his voice sounds really young or something
- - Feb 23, 2016
I can already tell that I am going to love Felix. You've really done an awesome job with this character and his voice. I can't wait to see where you take this story! So excited:)
LailaDarwish2000 LailaDarwish2000 Mar 10, 2016
I really like how Felix shifts from one point to the other with such ease--at one point he's describing his utopian/dystopian life, and next thing I know he's describing the colour of his fish! Good job!