The Crow

The Crow

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The Crow is the daughter of Sting and goddaughter of The Undertaker. She grew up in the wrestling business and is trained by the best of the best. From strength to high flying to mysterious. 

She got her name, "The Crow", when she made her debut that's being called the greatest and darkest debut in the history of WWE. She was dressed just like Brandon Lee in his movie "The Crow". So that's what she was called and then it became her offices ring name. 

The Crow has a history with WWE Superstar, Dean Ambrose. The two were a tag team in CZW and were believed to be in a relationship until both confirmed they weren't. 

Read on to find out more.

Sting sting sting I love him I wanted to be him on Halloween but I don't have the clothing
I own like every MIW album and Reincarnate is my favorite song off that album.
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