College Fiend [A$AP Rocky]

College Fiend [A$AP Rocky]

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It’s 1998, and a flood of new students are coming into the University of Alabama. The new seniors couldn’t care less, since all they want to do is graduate like the previous class. But everyone seems pretty interested in these freshmen. Who wouldn’t be? They’re the full package—any type of person you can think of, they’re somewhere in the bunch—and they come with a side of drama too. 

So meet Brian, Travis, Wayne, Nefertiti (aka Neffie), Flo, Hunter, Quincy, and Sabine. They have a lot to offer. Whilst the purpose of college may be to learn, everyone knows that the students don’t care much about that. The true concern is partying, relationships, and getting out all the stupidity they have in them before they crash into adulthood. Essentially, they’re doing everything they are not supposed to. 

Ladies and gentlemen, these are the college fiends.

She's in college. Why wouldn't she go? This isn't high school lol.
00000000000_x 00000000000_x May 14, 2016
You are clearly with the shíts. Once I seen ASAP Rocky , I had to read
ShaeTheAuthor ShaeTheAuthor Mar 21, 2015
still my #1 fav story on wattpad. Like this story left a mark on me. Honestly. Lol so im reading it again
BlackCeramicDoll BlackCeramicDoll Feb 24, 2015
When I go to college, I want it to be like A Different World.
BlackCeramicDoll BlackCeramicDoll Feb 24, 2015
@pastelzepplin you could get scholarships by writing stories like this.
PicNic19 PicNic19 Dec 14, 2013
Sabine needs to loosen up. I'd tell my parents I wasn't coming home