The Musician {Amourshipping}

The Musician {Amourshipping}

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i hate snakeu By jackie-- Completed


Serena, a girl that's fairly shy meets a boy.
 His name is Ash. 
They go to the park to meet together and she's forced to go into a music contest.
 Different people help her out. 
And the wide variety of friends that she meets is amazing.
Serena slowly and slowly gets over her fears and never takes 'no' as an answer.
Despite Serena's fear of music or speaking up.
At the end it sends chills through Ash's spine and leaves Serena lifeless.
Read to find out more.

{Cover made by: @_Senpai_Rose_}

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Athletic_Bean Athletic_Bean Aug 07, 2016
I play piano, I don't like it, or hate it. mainly because of my impatience to last 45 minuets of practice. My teacher's nice. he plays in a band, but he's not the STAR. It's a joke because his last name is moon
felonyfartiniisaflop felonyfartiniisaflop Aug 13, 2016
Well, her mother could've died because after reading the above I tried to shoot Calem, I missed and hit Serena's mother instead.....
                              ANYONE BUT ME WHO WOULD EVEN TRY?
lonely_sniper lonely_sniper Jun 26, 2016
That was rushed right so now her dad has to deal with her and ig he will hate her for what she did i think but damn hitting her public thats low for anyone too
- - Apr 06, 2016
o-o that's not good
                              U gotta practice for at least an hour to cover everything
                              If you do AMEB
                              Although I'll admit XD
                              Your arm gets damn sore XDDD
- - Feb 06, 2016
Told ya I'll be the first to read it. And it's really good, Senpai.