The Archer ➳ Derek Hale {1}

The Archer ➳ Derek Hale {1}

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Abigail Argent wasn't brilliantly excited about moving to yet another new town. Another new day, another new house, another new group of people..

The worst was never knowing how long it would last. She was different from a majority of teenage girls in many ways. 

Knowing her family's secret wasn't the difficult part of her life, keeping it from her best friend and sister was. 

What, and who, will the deadly town of Beacon Hills bring for Abigail and how will she handle it?

[All the rights to Teen Wolf go to the writers of the show, only the character Abigail and the scenes I write belong to me]

(Kind of slow burn?)

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At my school, you have to pay to park your car in the schools parking lot
TheCrustyShack TheCrustyShack Aug 21, 2017
I start my first day of high school tomorrow and thats exactly how i am😂
I never bring anything the first day. I fill my backpack with my blanket
Same like all we do is get paper that our parent has to Singh, go to classes where they respeat the same rules
Amazinggirl55 Amazinggirl55 Oct 05, 2017
I was like "how the hell does she know already?" But then I remembered that she was probably trained as a hunter, and knows all the signs. Such as someone hearing a conversation from a hundreds meters away.
XxxBeauty_QueenxxX XxxBeauty_QueenxxX Dec 02, 2017
I’m a senior in high school and usually bout now you stop worrying about bring all that lol. But I only have 2 classes so I really don’t be at school long