Sans x Reader Oneshots

Sans x Reader Oneshots

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Just some sans x reader oneshots
And once in a while au Sans too :D

All characters except yourself belong to Toby Fox creator of Undertale. If you haven't played the game then wtf don't read this go PLAY THE GAME because obviously this will include spoilers to the game, now enjoy this plate of Sans x Reader spaghetti.

Cover art is not mine I just edited it

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CamiROON CamiROON Aug 12
DONT MAKE FUN OF PAP YOU LIL BITCH >:V *kills her with an axe*there >:)
CamiROON CamiROON Aug 12
OH WOW :0 i feel bad for what i did :/
                              Imac:*fangirl scream*
CamiROON CamiROON Aug 12
AtsumKitty43 AtsumKitty43 Jul 29, 2016
                              Fudge this all, i'm out *jumps out window*
KingSnek KingSnek Aug 01, 2016
You can insult me but you never EVER INSULT PAPY JOHN'S(the made up name u gave him)
banks666 banks666 Aug 05, 2016
Nuuuuu she made fun of paps, well it's time for a bich to get dunked on