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Midnight Lust (18+)

Midnight Lust (18+)

133K Reads 1.7K Votes 7 Part Story
The Lucky Guy By FastAndDeep Updated Feb 21

#158 Romance on 25/02/2016


Rebecca wants to explore new territories but she is too terrified to put a step in the endless scary sea of emotions, pleasure and unfathomable feelings that time may bring.

Getting it on with a thief wasn't her perfect picture of the way she had planned to do things. Neither was getting involved in a BDSM relationship with a thief was on her 'to do' list.

At midnight, when she catches a big and scary thief robbing her house, she wasn't prepared for this. It was attraction at first sight or that was what she thought. But it was way more than just attraction, it was lust.

'Midnight Lust'

*Content Warning : Adult stuff, lots of smut & what not? You have been warned.*

Copyright © FastAndDeep 2016
All Rights Reserved.

EveSlim EveSlim Dec 25, 2016
So mysterious sexy auther that so called claim he came from "heaven", exactly how old are u
naruto4life123 naruto4life123 Jul 16, 2016
It adds this alluring and sexy element to this mystery man sexy author
princessshayx princessshayx 6 days ago
😂😂 I'm sorry but I literally read you books because of the author notes but your books are pretty cool too
music2810 music2810 7 days ago
Did it hurt when you fell from hea- oh well someone already said it, eh
LightTheif LightTheif 17 hours ago
I bet you hes secretly reaaalllly old which is why hes not telling x'D
dolphinlover59 dolphinlover59 Jun 02, 2016
You must be 16-20 maybe cuz if ur stories are hot then you must hot and sexy as well 😉😉😏😍