More Than Just Roommates (Book 1)

More Than Just Roommates (Book 1)

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Four roommates, Kyle, Josh, Leo, and Jackson all had a normal friendship with each other. Except two of them are more than what they tell people. Secrets come out and confusion sets in as they all find themselves falling for each other.
More Than Just Roommates explores the lives of these four boys during their sophomore year of college, and how they overcome the challenges of accepting who they are and finding out what true love is.


There are two spin off books that both take place after this books ends (The New Kid, and Denial). If you chose to read either of both of them first, then just be aware that you will find spoilers for the end of this book.

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Chloe_Pont Chloe_Pont Jan 30
Jackson sounds like me, except less talkative and more weird
Bluecookies4eve02 Bluecookies4eve02 Dec 16, 2017
I hit the 69 star y'all 
                              If u know Wha 69 means I love y'all
Fujoushixein Fujoushixein Oct 26, 2017
😞..SOMETimes..I think why is it so easy to fall in love...and that also...with most of the whole world wrong guy!! is so easy that sometimes I think.."l.o.v.e" IS SIN