She Got Game

She Got Game

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Danielle By SoDanielle Updated Aug 19, 2016


Adj. 1) Excessively proud of oneself; vain. 


She think she's all that. Why she walking with a switch? That Gucci bag she swinging probably not even real. She just a self-centered trick.  

Amiyah Washington  has been called every single name out of the book. She doesn't care though, money is what keeps her mind going. Being New York's top African American magazine owner. Everything that don't deal with Benjamin Franklin isn't important to her. 

She doesn't have time for relationships, and won't give a broke nigga the time of day. Well, that's until Makel comes along.  Her whole image on life starts to change for the better, or worst.  She also holding onto a secret that may end everything.
Makel Williams is New York Knick's point guard. He's good at his game, know that. When it comes to relationships, no. After many failed attempt at love, he puts relationships on the back burner.  That's until a mutual friend of his changes  his aspect on that lonely department.

Read as the two go head to head with the four letter word, love. Lies, deception, and even murder comes into play. Can they both handle it all? 

Who really have game?

Badgalblue Badgalblue Mar 17, 2016
I'll start reading when u update more cause I don't wanna get into it and then have to stop
llStvtchll llStvtchll Feb 14, 2016
Huuuhhhhhh ?! Noooooo wtf! This niqqa is insane or some sh*t?!
httpchasity httpchasity Feb 15, 2016
wth 🙃 it's lit , it's lit . it's what ?! LITTY LIT LIT ! I'm looking forward to this 🤗🤗🤗🤗
LashayJohnson4 LashayJohnson4 Dec 03, 2016
This book is hot!! Check me out too hun! My book Big Girls Winning is fire!
Blue_China Blue_China Feb 08, 2016
Can't wait to read more! It's off to a great start. Prologue? Or Teaser?
Tabithabrown780 Tabithabrown780 Feb 08, 2016
I love this book already, I can't wait until you update, Your writing is excellent.