Undertale/Steven Universe- When Monsters Rise

Undertale/Steven Universe- When Monsters Rise

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~Woe is Me, My Life is a Mystery~ By SpookyScarySkelebro Updated Aug 12, 2016

*I can't give proper credit to the cover artist, as it was found on iFunny; I only edited it. This story takes place before Peridot is part of the Crystal Clod- I mean, GEMS.

Steven Quartz Universe had been forced to fight a certain type of monster for years now, never having heard about ANOTHER type that he's more reluctant to enter combat with.

When the monsters are freed from the Underground and unified peacefully with the humans, Steven encounters a group of them, so much different than the others he's battled with before. This time, Mercy becomes the only option, as he will soon learn from one of the most unique figures in their squad- a human named Frisk, who is responsible for the liberation of monsterkind.

But when other humans and monsters alike are less accepting of the new changes, it's up to the pair, along with the Crystal Gems and Frisk's family, to prove to everyone that maybe the unification is more of an opportunity than a problem. Will they be able to convince all that they're not so different after all? Or do the fates have another plan?

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CerberusInk CerberusInk Jun 29, 2016
This is the inspiration i need for my book M.V.H.A series  thanks and keep at it
Minimolly123 Minimolly123 Oct 14, 2016
The reason I like the SU and Uncle Grandpa crossover?? THE GEMS FACES AND REACTIONS XD
SpectralHeart SpectralHeart Jul 30, 2016
This is probably the best UT x SU crossover I've read on Wattpad! All the others have weak plotlines and grammar that makes me just cringe. ((NO OFFENSE)) Keep it up!
19LingeringMedix 19LingeringMedix Jul 27, 2016
Pearl if you dare hurt Pappy the fangirls, Undyne, and Sans will slit your gem apart to pieces!
APeculiarDawn APeculiarDawn Nov 17, 2016
Mari: -hides behind the largest monster she can find- 0-0 nope
agender_alex agender_alex Jun 26, 2016
*shivers intensely* the episode this gif came from made me cringe so much...never going to look at Garnet the same again