Ava Krum (Victor Krum's sister)

Ava Krum (Victor Krum's sister)

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Ava Krum is the Keeper of the Bulgaria Quittich team. She is part mermaid, elemental, medimorphgis, and veela. She to read and is a great singer.

I only own the people I make up. Queen JK Rowling owns everything else.

By the way, this was my first story so it might be completely horrible...

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Girlwholived__ Girlwholived__ Nov 13, 2017
*Molly Weasley's sarcastic voice* "Now dear, what have we learned about muggle medicine today?" *Mr Weasley's sad voice* "Not to use things we don't understand..." 😂😂😂
rebeccarules1002 rebeccarules1002 Oct 13, 2017
7 th years and family attending durmstrang can attend sounds better
tatonyarose tatonyarose Oct 12, 2017
But wouldn’t magic have something better then muggle treatments like a charm or potion?
KRC216 KRC216 Feb 20
Karloff: only 7 th years can go to hog warts because everyone else is stupid. Oh yeah Ava can come to because we don't wanna seem sexist. 
                              My interpretation
There’s probably more than one Ava and the other one is gonna be like.. WAIT WHAT? I’m not in 7th year! This is the most amazing thing ever!
Karakoff: Only 7th years and Ava can go, because it would ruin the plot if she didn’t!