The Fresh Princess Of Fairy-Tail {Natsu Dragneel X Reader}

The Fresh Princess Of Fairy-Tail {Natsu Dragneel X Reader}

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Reader is Lucy Heartfilia's cousin, Reader is forced to go to Magnolia to attend school there after her teachers noticed that Reader is really antisocial. Her parents who are very rich famous people send her to Magnolia to make some friends. 

There she meets Natsu Dragneel, well there she sees his face after like 4 years of online friendship. Lucy slowly starts to hate her cousin for stealing the man she dreamed of having babies with. 

What will happen when Cousins and Cousins clash. 

Find out in: 

The Fresh Princess Of Fairy-Tail 

(Originally My Cousin's Best Friend)

Still a Natsu X Reader

NathalyDragneel NathalyDragneel Dec 31, 2016
That's what I said but 2 weeks 1 day and 5 hours later my crush asked me out XD
Claire_Stella9584 Claire_Stella9584 Jul 25, 2016
What is it and all the sevens u do know that it is a bad number in Japan
addie1200 addie1200 Oct 12, 2016
i swear any time i see something yhat i like i say "i love _____" and now i said i love tumblr amd ita f'ing 3;16am and i love tumblr
AnimeLoverMai AnimeLoverMai Jul 11, 2016
I love this book already and I have reader many Natsu x reader books and this is one of my favourite
AnimeLoverMai AnimeLoverMai Jul 11, 2016
*sigh* I hate you Lucy here's some ground rules 1. Don't touch me 2. Don't talk to me unless it's important or I am talking to you 3. Don't interrupt me when I'm playing video games 4. Mind your own business