Ellen's Sex Shop

Ellen's Sex Shop

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Jaylee Coglin By JayleeCoglin Updated Feb 14, 2016

Erotic escapades in a futuristic sex shop. 

Ch 1 - Mara's Plot : When Amber demonstrates for a bondage equipment sales drive, Mara adds an unexpected kink to her day.

Ch 2 - Amber's Revenge: Amber get's mischievous revenge on Mara for her actions during the bondage sales drive.

Ch 3 - Tinker's Workshop: Tinker runs a hands-on class for two-person toys.

Ch 4 - Maid Alice: Dressed in a sexy maid outfit for a sales drive, Alice attracts the attention of a woman with a maid fetish.

Ch 5 - Cheryl's Mechanical Climax: Cheryl displays the store's options in machine assistance.

Ch 6- Ellen's New Hire: Ellen interviews a new girl for the shop, testing her out with public pet play.

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