I Think My Ex is Stalking Me?!?!! (Boyxboy)

I Think My Ex is Stalking Me?!?!! (Boyxboy)

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"Why are you doing this to me I don't love you anymore," I said with a broken voice. He pressed against the wall holding both hands on each side of my head so I couldn't escape. "Because the only thing you need is me and if you don't love me then I'll make you," he said with a wicked smile on his face. Then he put a cloth that smelled sweet yet sickly the last thing I heard him was " you are mine and only MINE."

Somebody please help me.....

Percy just broke up with his ex boyfriend for cheating on him several times and finding out that he is also a serial killer. His ex couldn't take that Percy broke up with him and he became obsessed to get him back and keep him forever. Percy was able to escape him and got as far away from him as possible. What happens when he has this feeling that he is being watched 24/7? Is His ex following him? Or is it someone else?

Look into it and read what happens to them.

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NisperRui NisperRui Jul 05, 2017
Nooo another emmooo 
                              God damn it that's all I see in every book.
                              I'm still reading it, just picturing another person, I'm not bashing emos cause they cute asf nor am I bashing you author, it's just almost every book I read has an emo main character ;-;
ashmelov ashmelov Jul 20, 2017
Percy, if only u were real, but wheres panic at the disco, what, do u not listen to them or something?
Crazy_Writer_12 Crazy_Writer_12 Mar 11, 2017
This basically just described my favorite things but it just needs books and manga and sleeping
Lhir02 Lhir02 Mar 27, 2017
I don't know sleep with sirens, but the others are all my favourite bands <3
HeienJie HeienJie Apr 19, 2017
Uh at 16 he had a boyfriend for 4 years so they had been together since he was 12?
                              Mahn this makes me recall my time back then
Boyprincess_2 Boyprincess_2 Mar 21, 2017
*subtly adds Pentatonix into the mix because they are everything*