Sexting with Ethan

Sexting with Ethan

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RubyRose By randomaf23 Updated Nov 21

Unknown: Hey

    Caitlin: who's this? 

   Unknown: Ethan, who are you babygirl?❤️

   Caitlin: uh idk any Ethan.. And I'm not telling, for all I know you could be an old pedophile. 

    Ethan: Baby I'm not an old pedophile. I'll prove it.
   Ethan sent you a photo

All I have to say is that this Ethan guy is hot! I may like talking to him now. 

   Caitlin: damn you're hella hot. I'm Caitlin

   Ethan: Can I see you Caitlin? Thanks for the compliment

  Caitlin sent a photo

  Ethan: you're gorgeous baby

xSkyDolanx xSkyDolanx Oct 31
So normal you slut, I am so sorry but this is weird..... Imma keep reading
xSkyDolanx xSkyDolanx Oct 31
No tf it's not, whoa is that really, how his hair. Please explain
Diannamon Diannamon Oct 18
that picture of ethan is so fetal since i've seen him with colored hair
I'm pretty sure LA is quite a big place n there's more than 1 starbucks
Totally normal right, a random guy asks for nudes and ur like 'Well sure!'
Okay i think she does not know wat sext mean so that why she said yah that fast