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Chosen (The Alpha Females Mate)

Chosen (The Alpha Females Mate)

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️Riley Novak By RileyAlyse Updated Mar 26

Valentine James is the daughter of Alpha King Leo of the Red Blood pack. Once she was born she was taught to become the next Alpha Queen female of her pack and kingdom, she would never let go of her position not even for her mate. At an early age she was taught that anyone who had romance feelings toward another person was seen as weak, and Valentine James was anything but weak.

When a neighboring pack comes to ask for help from the rouges Valentine gets a bad surprise, her mate.

Chance Vincent the boy with two first names is an omega, a weak wolf. He's the weakest person his entire pack because he's unable to turn Into his wolf, at school he is bullied none stop. His parents are both dead from an attack by rouges,  Chance is completely alone. When he sneaks on one of the busses leaving to visit the strongest pack In the worldwide the royal family, the Red Blood pack he meets his mate.

Will Valentine accept him?

Can they love each other?

Will Chance be able to take his responsibility and become the next Alpha?

Oh my God yes. And then in the end of it they're both like "sweetie I love you" and it's the worst because he freaking hit her and degraded her.
Italkboys5sos Italkboys5sos Jun 05, 2016
I just hope that i will laugh to what is in the book.other than that you do you girl!!!😋😆(∩_∩)
AshleyMarie619 AshleyMarie619 Aug 17, 2016
Here here lol!!!!!! Go strong female wolf.  And strong women period!!!!!!!
TIce52 TIce52 Sep 08, 2016
I'm a man and I show ain't gay but you speak the truth if there is anything that I can do to help out I would be honored
- - Jul 05, 2016
Dude u just said whatever I wanted seriously male dominance is so overrated
anesloveread anesloveread Jul 09, 2016
Ikr  u don't know how long I have been searching for a book that lives up to the female species😃😃😃