Twilight Preferences

Twilight Preferences

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ray By aquiver- Updated Aug 07, 2017

These will be written by myself.

The request form for preferences is included. Any requests that do not follow the form will be ignored/deleted. I do not take one-shot requests, but depending on how many people request for me to write one-shots, I might as well start writing them. For now, this is a preference book and only a preference book. 

I do not own Twilight or any other artists/shows that may be mentioned in this book.

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vaccbi09 vaccbi09 Aug 12, 2017
Makes story more interesting it so make it a piece of treasure.
Anonymous?: No 
                              Mature?: yes
                              Request: you turn them on then tease them
stressedandobssessed stressedandobssessed Feb 05, 2017
Hi! I really enjoy this beautiful piece of writing. I was hoping you could check out my story: gold and grey. It's a twilight x insert story. Thanks for reading this!