what potterheads would do at hogwarts

what potterheads would do at hogwarts

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the hogwarts manual of what potterheads would do there besides draco malfoy. 


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Fanfiction_Nut Fanfiction_Nut Jul 10, 2017
And address him as mouldyshorts, mouldy voldy, voldy mouldy voldyfart, pancake face Tom, slit nose snek
huntersmoon1 huntersmoon1 Oct 18, 2017
Tampons or pads either way I wonder if he would even know what the heck they are and what there used for? LOL😆!
rtaravind rtaravind Feb 01
I thought that when the Slytherin girls are on their special time of the month, instead of going to Madam Pomfrey, they would go to Snape's secret cupboard where all the always tampons are a small picture of Lily.
mikeijuana mikeijuana May 16, 2017
just hook voldy up with pinocchio, he'll give him some nose tips. literally.
psychotikitti psychotikitti Jun 05, 2017
I don't no what would kill me first 
                              My laughter or his wand
WishWolfShadow WishWolfShadow Jul 10, 2017
If Voldemort is so powerful, then why doesn't he just magic himself a nose?