Naruto's secret mask(UNDER EDITING)

Naruto's secret mask(UNDER EDITING)

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Demon Queen By Kyuubi_Girl Completed

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Wait how’d they know it was the villagers? Did I miss something? This is honestly all so fast paced and sudden I can’t even tell.
Uh, Iruka? I’m sorry, but “disease” is worse than actually saying “jinchuuriki”. Maybe if you said “condition” or “situation” then it would sound better
Kiwivolcano Kiwivolcano Jan 20
*Yells at the to of my lungs*๏︿๏ KURUMA IS NOT I REPEAT NOT A DISEASE, THAT'S JUST PLAIN RUDE  ( • ̀ω•́  )
Most likely lost his virginity getting raped, which I'm really pissed about
Everyone is either he’s blind or he’s been raped ... thanks internet