Magi: Judar's Princess

Magi: Judar's Princess

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Mei Nyx By MeiNyx Updated May 26, 2016

Judar/Judal x OC

Magi Judar schemes to crown a new candidate for his current nation, the Kou Empire.

He attempts to summon the long gone spirit of a former ruler, the high empress of a deceased nation. Despite his troublesome efforts, Judar ends up summoning his target's daughter instead.

The magi decides that his new candidate is still of royal lineage and continues on with his plan to crown her as Kou's new ruler, despite her tragic background and early death.

Contradicting the magi's plans, the summoned spirit has her own plans and unique views on becoming the ruler of the Kou empire.

Judar and his new candidate don't see eye to eye and everyday is a new turn for the pair, resulting in an interesting and captivating relationship.

Will the Kou Empire see a new and powerful ruler? Or maybe Judar will find himself captivated by his summoned goddess.

[ Light Lemons in Chapters 29 and 41! ]

Artwork is not mine. Full credit goes to the original owner, not me.

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OfficialTsundere OfficialTsundere Dec 04, 2017
*reads whole book* *Comes back to comment*
                              Little do you know~~
-you_bastards- -you_bastards- Oct 08, 2017
Judal/Judar's name always reminds me of Orange Juice. Like Simply Orange.
Uchiha_Levi Uchiha_Levi Apr 21, 2017
When I saw reanimating, I thought of the Edo Tensei from Naruto. How bizarre...
TheLadyofShadow TheLadyofShadow May 11, 2017
Omg. The guys talking about leaving out the metal in the rod dragged me into the gutter with them, I can't stop laughing help me xDDD
OfficialTsundere OfficialTsundere Dec 04, 2017
Well, A "Judar" is a mighty fine, Sexy as hell, badass Magi that will eventually become your lover and or Baby Daddy.
blind_and_beautiful blind_and_beautiful Mar 28, 2016
I didn't read the 'metal' part. My head doesn't particularly like living in the gutter, any suggestions as to get my head out of the gutter?