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I Love You, Goodbye (riren/ereri)

I Love You, Goodbye (riren/ereri)

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MyEreriSenpai By MyEreriSenpai Updated Oct 16, 2016

Eren Jaeger, a drop-out, an addict, and to him a worthless cause. Now twenty he wanders the streets and is called out for being what was known as a "Titan", a being that loved pain. His whole life was a wreck and he accepted it. He accepted the humiliation, the pain, the names, the mountains of tears he used to cry and he accepted his addiction to alcohol, pain, and sex. Leader of a gang, known for selling drugs he was usually the one to stay away from. Yet doing a deal with one of his well-known buyers he meets a new face who he was positive he would forget.Levi was not a member of a gang but was known throughout the community of "criminals".When meeting Eren and the rumors of the boy being a cold-blooded murderer make him even more interested. As he continues to "stalk" Eren He makes sure nothing bad happens to him with the law since he knew a few people in the force. Yet what Levi didn't know was that there was one thing worse than the demons inside us all. Love.

Kawaii_Black_Cat Kawaii_Black_Cat Mar 17, 2016
This is really good but why the FRICKIN CLIFFHANGER ..sorry u got mad there I hope u update soon.
ishaboi_blue ishaboi_blue Mar 16, 2016
Dude! I'm so pumped! Can't wait to read the next chapter amazing job btw
ASmolTiredBean ASmolTiredBean Oct 14, 2016
What's with the word they Hanji is a she whats so confusing about that -_-
TashiTamang TashiTamang Apr 27, 2016
This is masochism... U know... Getting pleasure from pain... I mean, u would use this word
_Fangirl_Over_Anime_ _Fangirl_Over_Anime_ Mar 16, 2016
Oh my wall Maria the fight scene was intense! I like that :D