Star Wars: Divisions of Time (AU) {Wattys2016}

Star Wars: Divisions of Time (AU) {Wattys2016}

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Well, I'll start from the beginning... 

You know the stories that you heard as a kid? Well, they're real. I can prove it to you, just step inside, I'll tell you everything. I'll tell you what happens, I'll give you every little detail. Every battle, even the ones on the smallest levels. I'll teach you the ways of the Force, if it's strong within you. I'll teach you to be one of the best pilots in the galaxy. 

But first, you must know something, something that no one else knows. Luke Skywalker went back in time and saved his father from turning to the dark side by capturing the would be Emperor. 

And this my fellow Rebels, my fellow Resistance Fighters, my friends, this is where our story begins... 

With our alternate reality, with Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, and their children.

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