Catch me if you can Alpha

Catch me if you can Alpha

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All her life Brin Callinger and her mom have been hiding. From what? She had no clue. At the age of 17 her mom forces her to move again leaving her whole life she built for herself behind, for again, no reason. Well, so she thinks. 

As Brin journeys through the town of Apex, she is enduring hell in her new cabin in the woods. That is until she finds out what her mom has been hiding from her. She's a werewolf. Although she never inhibited the gene it still runs in her blood. And her apparent 'mate' is an alpha. But if Brin is mated it ruins her plans. So she hides from the  so called strongest 'alpha'. But of course he catches her. That is until he discovers her 3 deepest secrets. 

1) She's a witch. A powerful one at that.
2) She's the only werewolf witch hybrid.
3) She has a child. But NOT with her mate. 

Forgetting all of these things, the infamous Alpha Alex still chases after Brin's love. 

Catch her if you can alpha. She's a wild one. 

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Someone I have known for a long time has been moving around with their family. They moved like every few months and we suspect they are running from something.
Hmmm, I smell trouble.... Nice book by the way, I like you writing style
Freakerina Freakerina 5 days ago
My (best?) friend is also a giraffe. I'm very short for my age, too b
D: I got excited for her to like then as much as I do....*cries*