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Simone Elise By Explode Updated Mar 09

It is said, that there is a thin line between hate and love. If anyone knew how thin that line was, it was Tyler and Alexis.

young_dreamerrr young_dreamerrr Jun 07, 2016
Overprotective?? My parents dont even let me walk home from school and i live 10 minutes away if i walk
blancaa99 blancaa99 Mar 17, 2015
Lucky bishh I get in trouble is I cross the street by myself -.- nd I'm 15 x'c
Nerdygirlz06 Nerdygirlz06 May 08, 2014
PURPLE BIKE!! Hell motherfrigin yes. Purple is the best color in the world(to me)
Black_Rose156 Black_Rose156 May 08, 2014
Alexis personality reminds me of this song called Miss Jackson by Panic! at the Disco. :3 love that song
alienbae alienbae Apr 20, 2014
I really like Alexis gosh she knows whats right and dear god Tyler grow a pair and dump the whiny pig! Quite confused cuz i read Reapers Claim before this but isn't Abbys dad one of the orginal founders of Satan Sons? I love your stories and that is the truth
AYClaudy AYClaudy Apr 07, 2014
Looks like you've sucked me into another story! WHY do you right such cool characters? I'm in love with her already... though I'm in the same boat as her. My opinion of Tyler is slipping quickly.