The Façade of 1728

The Façade of 1728

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☆celeste☆™️ By Kirkland_ Completed

The trilogy continues...
(There's just one book after this and the series is all completed!!!)

Everything should be explained in the first part of this story, but for short: You Draw the Adventure this time! :•D

Well, not literally... I'm doing all the drawing, you just request ._.)

In order: 1348, Timeless Wishes, and finally, THIS BOOK! :•D

Welcome back, or should I simply say, "Welcome?"

*Take into account that if you read this, it could potentially spoil other events in the previous books!!

Anyways,, now for the actual summary, this book takes place during the "pirate age"

.... Whatever time period that is, hell if I know!

Now prepare, ladies and gents, for the adventure will begin shortly! ;•D

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VegetarianMilk VegetarianMilk Nov 13, 2017
Justin is like the best name for a demon that I've ever heard. Ciel Phantomhive, pffttt, how mainstream
RoseMGottschalk RoseMGottschalk Jun 27, 2016
This is nearly my character's appearance and favorite color is blue
- - Oct 17, 2016
Hold on let me just try and call this real quick.....
Cheesy_Amber Cheesy_Amber Feb 10, 2016
I've got Teal Teal Teal hair, Teal eyes, I'm pretty Teal and Very Teal!
DanaeJohnson0 DanaeJohnson0 Nov 07, 2016
Red hair and hazel eyes. Favorite color is blue though. I love the picture. I suck at drawing.
Cheesy_Amber Cheesy_Amber Feb 10, 2016
You already got undertale in there XD oh my gosh. (Ps you should put meh face in there)