Lights (Book 4)

Lights (Book 4)

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❄️Queen Saralee❄️ By Strawberry_Cream1928 Updated Jan 19

19 years after Flames...

Lessaenes has entered what some call a golden age. King Thorel and Queen Tara are everything that the people hoped for and more. 

However, racial tensions still lurk under the surface of a new, egalitarian Empire and prejudice mars the life of the young Princess Swan-Rose, who is half Rhenan and half Lessaenite. 

When mysterious forces known only as the Lights begin to wreak havoc both in her elite private school and in the political world of her parents, Swan-Rose must team up with unlikely allies, including her least favorite cousin, Crown Princess Lillae, and her mother, the famous Viviana Arystenn whose shadow she has spent her entire life in, to silence a resurfacing evil once and for all.

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