min yoongi's personal maid

min yoongi's personal maid

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daddy jungkook By kira-alexander Updated Jan 27

"Strip "
  "You just disobeyed me"
  "I didn't "
  "You just talked back "
  "I'm sorry" she said on the verge of tears
  "Scaredy bitch " he muttered and went out

[ lowercase intended ]

[ mature content ]

[ slow - updates ]

I didn't copy right. If there are any similarities to any other stories then it is definitely coincidence.


-yoonmingle -yoonmingle Feb 14
ikr like look at suga, his eyes are small, he short too, his di ck must be like a foot long?? OF COURSE HES SEXY <_>
-yoonmingle -yoonmingle Feb 14
why dont you go fu ck with one of them??? like jimin, hes short, but his di ck isnt. WOOOWIEE
holymyg holymyg 5 days ago
Nah she's gg to have another appa (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) if u get what i mean