One out of a million girls in the crowd.    {Billie Joe Armstrong.}

One out of a million girls in the crowd. {Billie Joe Armstrong.}

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Billie Joe Armstrong: Lead Singer of Green Day. You're a major fan and has listened to every song Green Day ever made and owned every album.
At a concert he invites you on stage but who would've thought that Billie Joe would have fallen for you? Who would've known Billie wanted one person ... You!? One out of a million girls in the crowd?
Billie Joe Armstrong X reader.

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IceBear180 IceBear180 Oct 07, 2017
j'adore green day parce que I dont know any reasons in French...
-HellGirl- -HellGirl- Dec 23, 2017
                              No I don’t.
                              I don’t even know who you are.
                              OF COURSE I DO!
JMTLOL JMTLOL Oct 08, 2017
je groupe prefere es Green Day ils sont tres cool (pun intended)
*in my mind* personality 1: I'M DYING WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING RUNNNN personality 2: *insert lenny face* personality 3: *blush and nosebleed* personality 4: DAMMIT personality 5: F*CK F*CK F*CKITY F*CK ect...
                               personality 394: *actually is just happy and acts normal*
notaloneorami notaloneorami Nov 04, 2017
HECK YA I DO I KNOW IT ON UKULELE TOO (and I know thr bass and guitar but I can't physically play it because I don't have a bass and I'm sad...but I do have a guitar and I'm working on that!)
*anxiety attack because I am breathing the same air as Billie Joe Armstrong*